Main Sponsorship opportunity still available
I would love to align your brand with the history and story of the Golden Globe Race. There will be huge media exposure over multiple years; before, during and after the race.

In 2018, the value of the race was $187 million: Independent media report available. There are plans to make a Documentary film and a TV series going out for 30min once a fortnight; before during and after the race. From now to the start of the race, I will be relacing regular video updated, compiled with sponsors.

 I can also wear sponsors branded clothing for all media engagements prior to departure, while sailing and upon arrival. RTÉ videographer. Seán Mac An tSíthigh, is my media manager. He will supply quality footage to various outlets.

There will also be official Golden Globe Race media videos. During the race all entrants will talk to the Golden Globe Race for 20min twice a week. These calls will go out on SoundCloud, Facebook and other outlets. I will mention my sponsors as often as possible during these calls.

Also, during the race we will sail into four sheltered bays, under reduced sail for 20min. A live feed will go out over media outlets of these events. Sponsors names on the side of the boat will be seen, as well as clothing and flags.

From the 8th, to the 14th of August 2022: All the Golden Globe Race boats will gather together for the first time, in an Irish or English port (TBA). This will be the start of the major media attention, with facilities in the race village for sponsors and media people. After a great week the boats will race to Les Sables d’Olonne in France, with a bigger media event and race village, including an Irish booth, with room for sponsors. The race starts on the 4th September.

The footage gathered during these weeks will be a part of history, shown all over the world for many years. I believe that I have the best boat, and the best prepared boat for the race and my sponsors will get a great return on their investment. We are asking all companies to contact us to discuss various sponsorship opportunities or if you are an individual then you can sponsor me on our go fund me page