Make our Oceans Healthy again

I am delighted to team up with Marine Connection and share any information obtained while sailing to the Arctic as part of my Golden Globe Race sail training and also over next few years during the Golden Globe Race in 2022.

I have seen first-hand the devastating impact that plastic pollution coming up from the bottom of the deep sea bed while trawling off the West coast of Ireland and would love to try and stop it from happening as from now.

Also, there is the industrial overfishing by super-size trawlers that dump a large percentage of their catch. It is having a damming effect on our oceans Marine Connections are helping with the protection of dolphins, whales and their habitat. Please do join in with them, and make our Oceans healthy again. The Human race will need the Oceans to be kept well, as the population grows even more and more over the coming years. It gives life to the Planet. PEACE & Tea to all

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