Lockdown Frustration, Raffle and Bread making

I am doing whatever it takes to just survive this lockdown and come out the other side. Without putting pressure on myself. Miss not been able to work on the boat. It hasn’t been easy for any of us. In this post, I want to talk about the little things I’ve done to keep going, despite having to stay within my 5K. I hope sharing my experience with you about my GGR campaign, at present, might give you some idea of my days.

I have been cooking, and eating the dried food that will be with me on the boat during the GGR.22, I learned so much from it. I will not have an oven on the boat, but a lovely kind couple, Richard & Magali Toyne, who live on a Saltram Saga 36 in the Med, sent me a pot/oven, as well as many other useful items and advice, Fair Play, People are so kind. 

Pot Pot Cake

Also, I spend so much time on the computer studying Celestial and RDF Navigation, the weather and things I will need for the race. Then there is looking for people that will benefit from the Sponsoring me in the GGR.

So many people followed the GGR 18. The Independent Media analysis value was $183 million, after the race. That is still rising. The GGR 22 should be way larger. Kennedy’s Bar in Dingle are my seventh Platinum sponsor to come on board by purchasing a new feathering prop from Darglow Engineering who were fantastic to deal with. West Kerry Brewery are getting me the Eckomax Radar Transponder. As I said, people are so kind.

I am looking forward to getting back to working on the boat. I have materials ready to go, solar panels, controller boxes, electrical switches, battery boxes, crash bulkheads, SSB radio, ground plate and the Mighty JRC Weather Fax that John Michael Grahem, a great Fisherman in Dingle gave me.

I am looking to find a good Hydro Generator. It goes on the back of the boat like an outboard engine. When dropped into the water the propeller turning will charge the batteries as the boat moves forward. I am liking the German made Ocean Power one about 2k + VAT.

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