Jury Rig Trial

Befort putting the mast back up, I did my Jury rig trial with two spinnaker poles over two days. I sailed around 15 nautical miles in total. On the second day had little wind to start, but it came up ok after a while.

Last weekend I sailed to Kilrush Marina, had a good sail up and back home. Very happy with changes on the rig. Got a YBtracker, here is the link: So it is easy to follow me now.

On Monday morning next, the 3rd August, I will head out of Dingle harbour, and sail solo down around the Azores and home without pulling in anywhere, about 2,500 nautical miles. This will be my longest solo sail so far; I am so looking forward to it.

The boat was in good nick when I got her. Since then I have been working on anything that I can do myself with help when needed. As well as improving the boat, I feel that I am getting to know and love her more and more as time goes by.

This slow and steady way, of getting the boat ready for the GGR in 22 works for me, as I have not enough experience in Ocean Racing to do the refit in one go. It has been a fantastic jurney so far, and getting better by the day.

Love, Light and health to all.

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