Boat Preparation

24th Jun 2020

I hope this pandemic will come to an end soon, and people all over the world will be safe and free again, where possible. It has been so hard on so many.

As soon as the lockdown finished here in Ireland. I Got “Mast & Rigging Ireland” on board, and had the mast lifted off in Dingle. The standing rigging was replaced, a new inner forestay, two running backstays, VHF antenna and nav lights fitted. It will be put back up in the next few days. I learnt so much about how to rig a boat for hard weather. In two years’, time the mast will be removed again. The TBall fittings will be replaced with tangs, a sleeve inserted inside the mast from the deck to the lower cross-trees and a few more jobs to try and make it bullet proof. It must be able for been dipped into in bad weather, and maybe a 360degree role. Hopefully that will not happen.

MastThe Hull has been cleaned and made ready for the season. I am looking forward to getting back out sailing again. First, with a few friends, we will sail up to Kilrush Marina and back to Dingle to make sure all is ok. Then, as a part of my qualifying for the GGR, I will sail down around the Azores and home without a stop, about 2,500 nm. It will be good sail training, Real social distancing. Depending on the wind, should take about three weeks. I will not use the engine in light airs as I will need to work on that for the race.

I have purchased a second-hand light-weight Genoa to help me work out what size sails will work best for me. I do want the sails I decide on for the race to be new in 2022. When I sail down around the Azores, I will have a tracker fitted, so people can see how the boat is doing. I will put up info on the tracker in time.

Stay safe everyone. Love, light and warmth from The Kingdom of Kerry.

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